The Bright Orange Box

The first battery-powered smart-projector bringing connectivity and content to schools
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The “BOB” is a very smart projector

Projector & Speakers

The BOB equips a extremely bright projector with loud, built-in stereo speakers to play audiovisual content to an entire classroom.

Multi-touch display

The top of the BOB features a 7-inch display that allows you to interact with Android apps as you would with a tablet.

Video camera

An HD video camera on the back of the BOB allows your classroom to record your own content and watch it later.

The “BOB” is a stand-alone multimedia solution
for classrooms with any level of infrastructure

Completely portable

The BOB is designed to work completely on its own. There’s no need to worry about additional cords, screens, or computers.


The BOB’s built-in battery allows the projector to run for 3 hours and speakers for 8 hours. Recharge in just two hours with the high-current power adapter.

Light but durable

BOB is built to work on-the-go, so it’s strong enough and light enough to carry. At just under 5lbs, you can pick it up and bring it anywhere.

Classrooms can “plug-and-play” media off USB or
SD devices, and download content off the internet

3G, Wifi, Bluetooth

The Bob has both bluetooth and wifi connectivity and a 3G option when there is no local network. No matter where you are in the world, you can stay connected.

USB and SD ports

After plugging a USB or SD drive into the BOB, it will automatically load all available media files into its interface. You can browse and play these files as you would any file browser or media player.

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