Bright Orange Box

Digital content and global conversations for offline classrooms

Bright and Loud

The Box has projector and speakers that are bright and loud enough for an entire classroom. A large touchscreen makes navigating and playing multimedia content easy. The full list of instructions are available at


The internal battery provides up to 3 hours of uninterrupted playback. The Box can be charged from a traditional wall outlet or using a portable solar-charging unit.

3G and WiFi connected

With its dedicated 3G connection, the box allows classrooms to access the internet. This provides a unique opportunity for the 90% of classrooms in developing countries without internet.

Video recording

With a video camera on the back, the box allows any classroom to record and share videos. This means any classroom can participate in our Video Pen Pal Program.

The New Bright Orange Box

The new Bright Orange Box will enter classrooms in India, Ghana and Senegal in Summer 2015

500 lumen projector

8W stereo speakers

7" 720p touchscreen

1080p video camera

Dual microphones

WiFi b/g/n + BT 4.0

3G GSM Modem

77Wh Battery

Android 4.2

Sponsor a Box

Write to us to bring the Bright Orange Box to an under-resourced classroom

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