The Content

The internet has been instrumental in helping online content providers publish learning resources for students and teachers. For communities without internet access, this content has never been available. On the other hand, for students with access to these resources, an overwhelming volume of videos and their lack of organization makes learning more difficult.

A typical example of a complex situation in which students find themselves: writing essays or other research papers. Because both video and textual information resources, they either repeat information or are not consistent or structured enough. Thus, many students turn to to complete the task as correctly as possible.

At LumenEd, we are trying to simplify this process and make excellent learning videos accessible to anyone in the world. We compile open-source content from different providers and organize it based on grade level, subject matter, and language. Teachers in our partner schools can pick and choose the content they need, and display it to an entire classroom.

Comprehensive digital library

We've collected and organized over 1500 videos in a range of grades and core subjects, across several different languages. We are constantly expanding our digital library as we collect more content. As we receive feedback from teachers about content effectiveness, we update our library to include more relevant videos.

Content anywhere

A unique content storage and delivery system allows our content library to reach any location. All content is stored on flash drives, and can be updated on personal computers or mailed to areas without internet. Once a USB drive is plugged into the Box, all content from that drive will immediately be available through the device interface.

Mapped to existing curricula

We recognize that different teaching methods lend themselves to different content requirements. That’s why we work with teachers to map our content to their existing educational standards. With hundreds of videos matching the lesson plans for the Common Core and CBSE, teachers can easily find materials to match the textbooks, exams, and readings from their curriculum. Our platform also allows teachers to play videos they find outside our immediate library.

Customizable library

For content to be effective in the classroom, it must adapt to the needs of the teacher, rather than the other way around. Our platform allows teachers to play videos they find outside our immediate library. Further, through our simple, searchable content database, teachers can quickly browse our materials to find new content. To allow for highly specific searches, we organize all our videos by grade, language, subject, topic, and length.

What's Next

We are working with new partners in education to expand our content library. We hope to continue to source more content and someday have dedicated contributors to reach a wider audience. This is especially the case with languages other than English, which are often the native languages in developing nations.

In order to make our model more scalable and to increase access to our content library, we need to develop a web portal that would allow anyone with internet to quickly find relevant content. This would allow teachers with access to internet to easily find source content for their classrooms. Finally, since we believe content should be available to anyone, we will soon be establishing routing stations to download and mail content to users who lack access to internet.