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Connecting students around the world.

One classroom at a time.

We make better learning possible through an accessible education platform that brings communities together.

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Our platform consists of specialized educational content, a video pen pal program, and a unique device that makes it all possible.



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Pen Pal Program

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The Box

Our solution centers around a device that integrates a projector, PC and video camera. It serves a bidirectional role: to play audiovisual content to an entire classroom, and to record videos for the pen pal program. Usually students eagerly agree to try the pen pal program as it gives a chance to find a true friend. Even those who prefer to ask others "Could you do my homework for me?" are happy to do this task.

Powered by a solar-charged battery, each device is capable of operating without electricity or internet access. Its portability, simplicity, and ruggedness guarantees the device can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Every device comes preloaded with relevant and engaging educational videos that inspire students to learn.

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The Content

We source a wealth of diverse and engaging videos from open source content providers. By mapping this content to existing educational standards, like the CBSE or Common Core, teachers can easily find the materials they need.

Our platform also lets teachers browse, add, or remove content themselves. This allows teachers to seamlessly integrate new material when lesson plans change.

With over 1500 videos on topics like English, Science and Math, our digital content library meets the unique needs of every classroom.

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Everything comes together with our video pen pal program, which focuses on building lasting relationships between distant communities.

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The Pen Pal Program

Better learning involves taking students beyond the four walls of their classroom and engaging them with the global community.

The pen pal program connects classrooms in different countries to exchange their knowledge, stories and life experiences through weekly video exchanges.

We are always looking for partners who want to add interdisciplinary depth to their classrooms. So far, we've connected classrooms in the United States and India.

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Working together with organizations, schools, and individuals who share our vision keeps us moving forward. We’d love to hear from you.


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